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Playstation 5 Platinum Trophy Lamp - Blue Light Color

€67,20 €96

🎮The Best Gift For Real Gamers and especially PS Fans! 

🏆Playstation 5 3D Platinum Trophy Lamp RGB LED Lights Special Edition! 🏆

If you are a Trophies Hunter then this is for you! Complete the decoration in your gaming
room and make this Gift to yourself. Just think about all those games (Elden Ring, God of
War, Sekiro, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West, Dark Souls, etc etc)
that you suffered to get this digital Platinum Trophy. Now you can get it for real and with RGB LED Light (or you can choose the Blue Light only version) for amazing atmosphere in your gaming room!
Have a physical trophy for all your gaming achievements and show off to your
friends. Buy as a great gift to your gaming friend or spouse.

So, the let's explain what can do the RGB Edition, what can do the Blue Light Edition and of course our best Version - WiFi! In RGB you have the full control in your led light trophy! You can choose the color that you prefer, or you can make the lights "dancing" and many more with your remote controller.
In Blue Light Edition you can't change the color , it's an "on/off" switch system. In case that the lamp inside burned (LED G9 Lamp included) you can change it easily,

Now, in WiFi Version you can control your Trophy from your smartphone! You can make the Lights "dancing" in the rythm of your favourite music, of your favourite Game sound track etc etc. You have full control and you can connect it with Alexa and Google Home. You can Switch on the Trophy just with your voice (if you connect it with Alexa or Google home).. The functions of Wifi Version are unlimited! Send me message to learn more!!

Choose now between RGB or Blue Light Edition! And one more option! The best of all! Control Your Platinum LED Trophy from your Smartphone , add it on Alexa and do it "smart" ;) Just Choose the WiFi Version!

Dimensions Normal Version:
↕️Height : 18cm / 7in
↔️Width : 11cm / 4in

Dimensions Giant Version:
↕️Height : 25cm / 9.8in
↔️Width : 16cm / 6.2in

⚠️You Can Write your PSN Name, your Favorite Game or Anything Else on Trophy too!

🔌US/EU/UK/AUS Plug included (for different Plug Type you need an adapter)

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