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3D Print Star Wars Millenium Falcon With High Quality Materials

€24 €43,20

Do you love Star Wars? We do! And we love so much the Millenium Falcon! So.. We 3D printed it! It's perfect gift for a Star Wars lover, for someone who wants to decorate their desk, for darth vader fan , perfect gift for collectable, for him , or christmas gift!

It’s 7,4in long (19cm) so it’s the perfect size for anywhere you’d want to place it and perfect for a great present for every occasion , birthday, fathers day , boyfriend's gift, for your mancave decoration ;)
If you want it bigger or smaller we can make it of course!

All Millennium Falcons are printed in PLA. PLA is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials. PLA is safe to handle.

Everything is printed to order.