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3D Xbox Achievement Trophy

🏆Introducing the 3D Xbox Achievement Trophy by 3D Printing Lab!

🎮Elevate your gaming space to epic heights and proudly display your Xbox passion with this extraordinary trophy. Whether it's your man cave, bedroom, game room, themed home theater, or playroom, this trophy stands as an awe-inspiring centerpiece that will capture everyone's attention.

Meticulously crafted with impeccable detail, the 3D Xbox Achievement Trophy is not just a decoration; it's a symbol of your gaming prowess and an emblem of your dedication. Made to impress, it exudes a level of sophistication that sets it apart from ordinary decor.

This is more than a trophy; it's a statement piece. As you celebrate your gaming achievements, let the 3D Xbox Achievement Trophy be the ultimate conversation starter in your gaming haven. Level up your decor game with this masterpiece from 3D Printing Lab. Embrace your gaming legacy today!

✔ Sizes :
◼Small ➡ 14cm / 5.5inches Tall
◼Medium ➡ 16cm / 6.2inches Tall
◼Large ➡ 18cm / 7inches Tall

✈️I send Worldwide with UPS

🌎For US
East Coast - 1 day🔥
West Coast - up to 3 days🔥

🌍For Europe 1-3 Days🔥
🌏For Australia & New Zealand 3-4 Days 🔥

⚠️You Can Write your Anything You Want on Trophy too! 💥

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