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Playstation 4 Trophies Full Set | 3D PS4 High Quality Platinum , Gold , Silver , Bronze Trophy


The Best Gift For Real Gamers and especially PS Fans! 🎮

🏆 Playstation 4 Platinum Trophy! 🏆
🏆 PS4 Gold Trophy!
🏆 PS4 Silver Trophy!
🏆 PS4 Bronze Trophy!

The whole Set of Playstation 4 Trophies is here!

If you are a Trophies Hunter then this is for you! Complete the decoration in your gaming
room and make this Gift to yourself. Just think about all those games (Elden Ring, God of
War, Sekiro, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West, Dark Souls, etc etc)
that you suffered to get this digital Platinum Trophy. Now you can get it for real.
Have a physical trophy for all your gaming achievements and show off to your
friends. Buy as a great gift to your gaming friend or spouse.

✈Estimated Shipping Time :
USA/Canada ➡ 3 to 9 days
Europe ➡ 2 to 7 days
Australia/New Zealand ➡ 5 to 20 days

⚠️Dimensions (We Can make any Dimensions you want!)⚠️

↕️Height : 18cm / 7in
↔️Width : 11cm / 4in

Gold Dimensions : 12cm | Silver Dimensions : 11.5cm | Bronze Dimensions : 11cm


Since this 3D printed, there may be minor "flaws" such as bumps or stringing. This is due to it printing in layers, as well as other factors such as filament quality, heat, etc. I will do my best to clean them without altering the look.

Customer service is extremely important to me so please get contact with any questions regarding your purchase or about the product :)

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